Musings & Half Eaten Muffins

Bruce Allan Bressack

The Flag Cries, by Bruce Bressack

The flag cries,
when fearmongers wrap themselves in ‘old glory’,
bearing false witness,
racing to deface
one battle worn star at a time.

The flag cries,
when the loudest voices go unchallenged,
and talk of building walls,
and targeting religions,
shake our biblical foundation to the core.

The flag cries,
when it’s cheapened by politics,
its broad stripes made thinner,
its bright stars made dimmer,
our pilgrims’ pride denied.

The flag cries,
when we reject each other’s humanity,
manifesting villains to burn in effigy,
freedom’s ring unrung,
freedom’s song unsung.

The flag cries,
don’t take me for granted,
don’t bloody my stars and stripes,
I’m your beacon of light,
through the perilous night,
bringing all together,
now and forever.