Musings & Half Eaten Muffins

Bruce Allan Bressack

Seeing is Believing, by Bruce Bressack

“I do not agree with disrupting political events because under the intense light of scrutiny politicians will eventually fail on the weight of their own hypocrisy. But, having said that ……..”

Seeing is believing …

divide and conquer has hit our shore,
building intensity, with fear at its core,
pointing fingers at trespassers,
“those people” to ignore,
“those people” to deplore.

Hearing is believing …

your name is on the list, resist,
speak wisdom to power, persist,
rewind, playback their scripts,
repeat, repeat, repeat,
in the land of the absurd,
the truth will soon be heard.

Lying is believing …

words carelessly thrown from stage, enrage,
launching a legacy of despair,
that stitches alone won’t repair,
leading to a downward spiral,
venom going viral,
surrounded by the lunacy,
fanaticism in its infancy.

Faith is believing …

trumpet blaring loudly,
chest pounding proudly,
bible thumping fondly,
scripture distorted profoundly,
values relinquished roundly,

wisdom from the Pope revealing,
spiritual healing, not deceiving,
humility is fleeting,
humanity is bleeding,
seeing is believing,
“I’m siding with the Pope.”